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The Blessed Character

If you go to Madinah tul Munawwarah till this day, Madinah the radiant, which is where the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is, and that if you go behind the screen where he’s buried, you’ll see three golden gates and you’ll see above that three different verses of the Qur’ān. If when you look at the top right you’ll see a line of poetry by one of the great inheritors, the great 12th century scholar Imam Abdullah bin ‘Alawi al Haddād (ر) of Hadramawt, which states: ‘A Prophet who’s character is that character which the All-Merciful has magnified in the best of books.’

This is what is known as an epitaph – an inscription written upon someone’s grave. And if you were to write something on someone’s grave, you’d write the very best thing that you could possibly mention. That this is the epitaph in a sense of the Prophet ﷺ celebrating his character.

What is it then about the character that is being celebrated here? Because it is the character that ties into the overarching nature which makes someone truly human. This is the true major to determine who we are as human beings – this determines your religiosity.

— Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

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